About Us

Posted by Albuquerque Premier Roadrunners Volleyball on Jul 09 2015 at 04:32PM PDT

Albuquerque Premier Volleyball club is a non-profit organization focused on promoting opportunity for young ladies who wish to excel in the sport of

Volleyball and become responsible members of society. We focus on both team and individual success. As coaches we emphasize establishing a solid

foundation with our younger players to ensuring that our more mature players are given the opportunity to maximize their potential. We cultivate a

positive culture which helps develop the self-confidence necessary for our players to reach their individual goals, which for many is to play at the

collegiate level. Our staff are experienced, passionate, and driven. Our belief system is based upon instilling exceptional moral behavior including

loyalty, fair competitive play, and humility. We have unwavering passion for helping our youth reach their full potential and becoming the best person

and player they can be. “You can be average and take advantage of opportunities, or you can be exceptional and create them.”


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